Our Visions & Goals

At PMCS-Monitor our focus is on the implementation after development of complete solutions for supply chain and logistics area. A more crucial work area happens to be the e-purchasing mechanism in public and commercial sector organizations. In our opinion, solutions are necessary for the constantly changing e-commerce environment and to ensure that changing strategies are met with qualified and capable technological advancements. Some mission critical areas include Customer Relationship management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Portal management, Service management, financial management, enterprise integration architecture, supply chain management, human capital management and last but not least enterprise performance management.

Our Vision

To grow and improve our client relationships, work on strict adherence and adaptation of strategies and solutions to client’s business plans and practices. In turn, this allows us to implement in sync with client’s corporate procedures and policies.

Our Goal

Providing accurate and timely service as defined within the contract with the client for services to be rendered. No work shall fall below an agreeable professional quality and any that is deemed to be so will be resolved free of charge for the client.

Our Mission

Improve productivity, provide innovative IT solutions and accelerate business partnership & performance while reducing cost of ownership and services.