Our Team

Our team of experts stretches across the entire globe. With offices situated in 8 countries, and freelancers operating out of another two dozen countries, the collective experience and knowledge of all our members is at your service.

Cyber experts from North America and Europe, including ethical hackers hired on freelance basis from Russia and the Indian sub-continent ensure your businesses and IT infrastructure remains intact and safe from prying minds and eyes.

Programmers, coders and designers – the hub for application development is situated within our Texas office and other than testing every other phase of development takes place here. Testers are present in our Indian branch along with customer support and EPABX design team.

The board meets twice a year at the Texas head office to discuss the most pressing matters. Every project is assigned a lead office with which the rest of the offices and assigned employees communicate. There are no specific division of offices based on projects received or clients undertaken, rather each office is geared towards a specific result and collocating similar minded skilled labor together for maximum growth and ingenuity.